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Champ Altéré
Paul Fauville surrealism Paul Fauville surrealism

COZM X Transmissions


Cozm x Transmissions originated Imaginal Music at the beginning of the New Century and revealed the Altered Field Ephemeris enclosed into the Universal Dreamtime Calendar.

Imaginal Music proposes to rehabilitate the immaterial and the imaginary, those spheres that many consider today as illusions.

Music like a golden tone from the other side of the looking-glass. From the reversed world of dreams.


Dreamtime is permanent, it does exist, here and now. As the endless eternal flow.

Nimbus, Stratus, Cirrus, Asperatus; Clouds of all forms and distinctions, roll and rumble inside the neon and bright silver flux of Dreamtime. Coinciding and diverging dotted streams, steaming up and blurring the Altered field, at the center of a vertiginous firmament. An endlessly eroding inner-space reality, achieved and multiplied, in all its connections.

Where each form is free.

Where each form is a world.

Rev. Zombi / Archangel Gong Amenità / Ed Backward Head


Rev Zombi cozm x transmissions
Rev Zombi cozm x transmissions


The Archangel Gong will toll the end of all cosmic centuries.


Transmissions have reached her bones and her ageless flesh,

shaped by millennium insects,

intangible phosphorescent dust,

and chalices of future flowers.


Her sleep is wakefulness,

her wakefulness is sleep.

Under her white feets, snow becomes brighter.


Star of the last hour,

loose from its shadow,

livid in the pale fire wreathing her altered face.


Tirelessly, like a diaphanous hourglass,

Archangel Gong runs through the Dreamtime Calendar,

spelling the Holy names and Grateful days

through the universal year in the Altered field of Imaginal reality.


Until the final Gong that will toll the spatial teleology of all Cosmic centuries.

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