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Champ Altéré
Paul Fauville surrealism Paul Fauville surrealism

COZM X Transmissions


Since the wake of the year 2000, the first imaginal music collective,

Cozm x Transmissions, regularly issues droniric transmissions scattered from the Altered field of Imaginal reality.

Exploring these fixed vertigos and fractal pictures, lucid master Rev Zombi teamed up with former Cozmics member, Ed Backward Head,

and with old mate and mentor William Birdhouse,


From the moving shadows of lucid dreaming, in a blast of multiple sounds, Cozm x Transmissions craft the turmoil of smoke and the specter meteoric light, coming from the unequalled flux and reflux of Dreamtime, up high through a kaleidoscope of sounds precipitated from a stationary sky. Cozm x Transmissions and Imaginal music pursue a unique goal: the immediate transformation of the global culture into a Dream culture by unleashing the Altered field in our daily reality. We request this culture that give us the bread of fire we all need in to live.

Rev Zombi cozm x transmissions Rev Zombi cozm x transmissions

Rev. Zombi / Ed Backward Head / William Birdhouse

William Birdhouse cozm x transmissions William Birdhouse cozm x transmissions

Archangel Gong Amenità

Where each form is free.

Where each form is a world.

Archangel Gong Armenità will spell the end of all the Cosmic centuries.


Transmissions have reached her bones and her ageless flesh,

shaped by millenium insects,

intangible phosphorescent dust,

and chalices of future flowers.


Her sleep is wakefulness,

her wakefulness is sleep.

Under her white feets, snow becomes brighter.


Star of the last hour,

loose from its shadow,

silently hurtling down,

to each movement,

the slope of its night colored hair,

Livid in the pale fire wreathing her altered face.


Tirelessly, like a diaphanous hourglass,

She runs through the Dreamtime Calendar,

spelling the Holy names and Grateful days

through the universal year in the Altered field of Imaginal reality.


Until the final Gong that will toll the spatial teleology of all Cosmic centuries.

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